In terms of security our interests do not seem to be defined, at least these are not declared officially. Virtually, issues dealing with the security of Armenia can get a final resolution only in case a concept paper on Armenian security is legislatively secured. This means we have at least a year and half to define our interests...

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Different people perceive the way to Europe differently. Actually, the  approach "Let's become European so that we can live in prosperity" is  dominant among euro-advocates. Even when it is not voiced as such, it  is always tacitly implied. However, few of us have ever thought about  how this prosperity should "pour" on us at the end of the Euro-road...

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Democracy is not merely a declarative concept. Above all it means rule  of law, protection of human rights and a number of other priorities  which should ensure a prosperous and dignified community of people.  These are also the guiding principles underlying the activities of the  OSCE...

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The Armenian Government notes in its pension reforms policy document  that preserving the status quo in the pension system will not only  result in a crisis, but also hamper the social-economic development of  the country...

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By working out various development projects, signing different  international conventions, adopting new laws and norms we secure the  rules of the game called "public life." These are the rules that will  materialize the vision of the future which we choose as our goal of  development. It seems that now far fewer people dispute that Europe is  our final destination, and at least it is accepted as such in the  context of high-rank declarations...

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Cooperation Agreement between ICHD and NSS of Republic of Armenia

ICHD and NSS of the Republic of Armenia on 27th of April, 2015 has signed cooperation agreement about child labour  in the framework of the “Preparation of the National Child Labour Survey Report in Armenia” project.

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Advancement of advocacy and participation capacity of the Armenian civil society organizations

The third seminar on “How to make an impact with your advocacy?” was held in Armenia, Yerevan on 5-6th March, 2015 within the project “Advancement of advocacy and participation capacity of the Armenian civil society organizations”. 

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Discussions were held in the administrative complex of the ARM Ministry of Defense

Today, ICHD survey on “Perspective of expansion of opportunities of representation and participation of women in the field of defense” has been conducted in the administrative complex of the ARM Ministry of Defense, within the framework of the cooperation between the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and the ARM Ministry of Defense established in 2014. 

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