VideoBrief - 9 | Combating gender-biased sex selection in Armenia




Monitoring of Online Print Media on Sex Selection in Armenia

The current policy brief aimed at analyzing the monitored online print media outlets in cases when they covered the topic of sex selection and articles that were broadly linked to the value of girls and women. The content of web-based media outlets have been scrutinized to identify any statements or reporting that could have had distorted, untruthful or prejudicial elements against women or men. All these aspects were separately analyzed quantified and also handpicked, allowing analyzing the level of stereotypical reporting either as a media intention or as an absence of intention, leading to unobstructed penetration of prejudicial statements widely circulated in the society and back by reinstating the current state of the affairs.

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The publication is available only in Armenian.



Monitoring Public Policy and Programmes to Prevent Gender-Biased Sex Selection and Sex- Selective Abortions in the Republic of Armenia

The publication provides policy recommendations to the policy makers in the Armenian Government, civil society, human rights defenders and international development community, and is an instrumental in promoting policy dialogue in the area of prevention of gender-biased sex selection in Armenia. It particularly focuses on public policies that would promote the value of girl for parents, families, and the society at large.