by Emil Danielyan

As recently as a decade ago they made up one of the most prosperous and attractive parts of the former Soviet Union, with a strong sense of national identity and rich cultural heritage. The post-Soviet period has been long enough for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to establish themselves as independent states deciding their fate. Each has gone a long way in building its own statehood.

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by Dr. Armen Darbinian

Every nation in a definite stage of its history creates a national state as an evidence of its self-determination. Today the western prototype of a democratic republic is to be one of the most efficient from the state models familiar to civilization. It embraces all the requirements that a civil society presents to a state.

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by Dr. Levon Chilingarian

In the post-soviet period the political relations and the former economic linkages of the South Caucasus countries, both between these and with the other CIS countries are altered. As a result, all the countries suffered. The economic collapse in Armenia had a more profound influence because of the Earthquake in Spitak in 1988, Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, economic and transport blockade by Azerbaijan and Turkey. The economic collapse effected all the sectors, husbandry and industry included.

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by Dr. Armen Darbinian

Armenia, similar to the other former soviet states, is in the process of addressing a number of social issues, surfaced after the inception of the economic transition, which has been taking place in the Newly Independent States (the NIS).

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Call for Expert on Policy Communication and Instruments

This announcement is available only in Armenian. 


“Green light” for environmentally neutral business development from Lisbon to Vladivostok

On March 3, 2021, the first meeting of the GreenDeal Task Force created under the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok was held. In the videoconference format, more than twenty authoritative experts in the field of ecology and business from Austria, Armenia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, as well as the representatives of the largest business industry associations supporting the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok, discussed common approaches to harmonizing the activities implemented by the EU and the EAEU on the path to sustainable development, including a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 2050.

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Town Hall Meeting within ACE in Vayk

On January 30, 2024 ICHD organized the first Town Hall Meeting within ACE in Vayk consolidated community, comprising 17 rural and urban settlements, in close collaboration with the local government, "Solution Hub" NGO and their beneficiaries, active young people from the community. The results are summarized in the THM report available in Armenian only.