Internship with ICHD

The International Center for Human Development regularly seeks interns to assist staff with ongoing projects in its office in Yerevan. ICHD’s Internship Program offers career-related work experience to students and other individuals interested in volunteering. Internships are set up on quarterly or a semester basis, but may be extended. Interns do not receive a fixed stipend. Upon successful completion of the internship, ICHD will provide interns with a certificate of appreciation and reference letter upon request.

The Center currently focuses on several major initiatives:

  • European Integration (projects in foreign policy and economic policy, focusing on areas of the approximation of national regulatory and institutional frameworks to European acquis in which government and civil society actors act collaboratively)
  • Effective Anti-crisis Economic Policy Analysis (an examination of global trends that will affect the Armenian society in the coming decades)
  • Regional Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (projects in turning people’s voices on the resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict and Armenian-Turkish rapprochement process heard by policy makers, scenario analysis on possible developments)
  • Civil Society Development (analysis focusing on policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks favorable for the development of various civil society institutions)

The Center also prepares a major annual conference on Armenia’s pace of the European Integration, with particular emphasis on approximation of the national regulations with the European Acquis. This gathering of high-ranking Armenian and European government and civil society leaders also explores best practices on a wide range of issues. Topics include economic and political reform, education and healthcare reform and foreign policy.

Our projects engage high-level policy makers, opinion leaders and innovative stakeholders in the public and private sectors. Our internship program provides interns with professional experience required by most employers and an opportunity to do substantive work including research and writing, representation at conferences, and participation in project events. The program also assists interns in the development of key skills that are valuable for their future careers. Our interns are also expected to contribute to administrative work and event support whenever needed. Interns are assigned to one or more project teams or work directly with our leading research analysts, trainers and advocacy specialists in each of our units through a fast-streaming cycle. The internship program encourages mentorship and direct engagement with team leaders. We support a hands-on approach that fully subsumes interns into the office team and encourages their creative ideas and contributions.

The ideal candidate for a ICHD internship would have:

  • a willingness to work collaboratively in a team-environment,
  • the ability to work efficiently under time pressure,
  • strength with attention to detail and follow-through,
  • prior office experience,
  • a desire to work in a highly dynamic environment and
  • awareness of professional presentation (both in written products and personal presentation),
  • knowledge of political and economic trends in Armenia and in the region.

Experience working with Armenian or foreign governments, embassies, international organizations or think tanks is a bonus, as is multi-lingual proficiency.

Interested candidates should fill in this on line form, where they have to specify their motivation.

The phone for contatcs is +374-10-582-638.




ICHD / Birthright Armenia / "Depi Hayk" Foundation Internship

ICHD in cooperation with Birthright Armenia/Depi Hayk Foundation offers its Internship program to the applicants meeting the following criteria:

  • a minimum stay in Armenia of two months, working in ICHD for at least 30 hours a week;
  • must be of Armenian heritage (at least one grandparent);
  • must be in the 20-32 age bracket;
  • must have graduated from high school;
  • former citizens of Armenia are only eligible if they can prove, by official documentation, that they left Armenia before the age of 12;
  • have not previously been sponsored by Birthright Armenia.

Applicants interested in the ICHD internship program with Birthright Armenia should submit a CV and a cover letter to ICHD and apply to Birthright Armenia for travel reimbursement. To find out more please visit



Conducting Qualitative Research on Domestic Violence in Armenia (CQRDVA)

Violence against women is one of the worst forms of violation of human rights prevalent all over the world. Women face gender-based violence (GBV) in workplaces, educational institutions, rural and urban communities. They are exposed to GBV irrespective of their ethnic or religious background, social status, economic standing, age, or other condition. The violence is particularly rampant when it occurs at home, a place where women are supposed to be provided with safe family environment.

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Monitoring of Online Print Media on Sex Selection in Armenia

The current policy brief aimed at analyzing the monitored online print media outlets in cases when they covered the topic of sex selection and articles that were broadly linked to the value of girls and women. The content of web-based media outlets have been scrutinized to identify any statements or reporting that could have had distorted, untruthful or prejudicial elements against women or men. All these aspects were separately analyzed quantified and also handpicked, allowing analyzing the level of stereotypical reporting either as a media intention or as an absence of intention, leading to unobstructed penetration of prejudicial statements widely circulated in the society and back by reinstating the current state of the affairs.

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The publication is available only in Armenian.