On November 21-22, 2005 the International Center for Human Development organized the conference “Promotion of the OSCE Values, Principles and Commitments as a Basis for Security and Cooperation in the OSCE Area” to reiterate the principles of democracy and celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Helsinki Final Act, a founding document of the OSCE. The conference was supported by the OSCE and Council of Europe offices in Yerevan.
This publication includes the speeches made and papers presented at the conference. The reader gets an opportunity to learn of a diversity of perspectives regarding the role of the OSCE in Europe, Russia and the South Caucasus.


ICHD assisted Conciliation Resources, an international non-governmental organization from the UK in publication of the Armenian version of the successive issue of ACCORD, an international review of peace initiatives. The issue which is titled “The limits of leadership: elites and societies in the Nagorny Karabakh peace process” features contributors from diverse constituencies. It presents perspectives on the peace process and analyzes of the impacts of the conflict.


This booklet summarizes the results of the relevant research conducted by the ICHD and advocates for the urgent need to raise tobacco taxes in Armenia, suggesting relevant scenarios for such a raise.


This report summerizes the results of the corresponding research, which has been conducted by the International Center for Human Development in close co-operation with the RA National Statistcial Service and National Institute of Public Health of the RA Ministry of Health. The project was supported by the Southern Caucasus Anti-Drug Programme. The report reveals the present situation regarding the prevalence of the use of illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals, drinking alcohol and smoking, the attitude of people regarding smoking, alcohol drinking, taking pharmaceuticals and using drugs, as well as their perception of drug users, which is a first-of-its-kind undertaking for Armenia.


This ICHD publication briefly describes the ICHD activities from the year 2000 to 2005. The book also gives detailed information about the Center.


The book authored by Johan Galtung had been translated into Armenian by ICHD experts. The book has been officially recognised by the Ministry of Education of Armenia as a manual for the students of various universities.


The Roger Fisher and William Ury book has been translated into Armenian by ICHD experts. It has been officially recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia as a manual for students of various universities.


In this publication Dr. Sarah Birch deals with electoral integrity and ways of improving the quality of elections, with a specific focus on the countries of post-communist Europe and the former Soviet Union. The research was published with the support of British Council Armenia.


This Eurasia Foundation project was conducted by NGOs of 3 countries (ICHD – ARMENIA; Organizational & Technical Development Society / Azerbaijan – AZERBAIJAN; the Strategic Research Institute - GEORGIA). In this book the main research results of the project are presented (in Russian and in English). The Armenian version of the abovementioned book is available in the relevant project section (see the link below).


This publication comprises the tobacco taxation peculiarities, presents the international experience in this sphere and advocates for the need to raise tobacco taxes in Armenia.

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Call for Expert on Policy Communication and Instruments

This announcement is available only in Armenian. 


“Green light” for environmentally neutral business development from Lisbon to Vladivostok

On March 3, 2021, the first meeting of the GreenDeal Task Force created under the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok was held. In the videoconference format, more than twenty authoritative experts in the field of ecology and business from Austria, Armenia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, as well as the representatives of the largest business industry associations supporting the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok, discussed common approaches to harmonizing the activities implemented by the EU and the EAEU on the path to sustainable development, including a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 2050.

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Youth Expo Catalogue

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