"The President went to negotiate, and we don't even know what has been discussed. To whom and about what shall we complain? We don't know anything. There is a lack of information". "The government officials are too far away from the people. No one asks us, "What shall we do?"
"I am not certain that, for instance, the President will read the opinions we expressed today at this discussion and consider those later while negotiating. When have they ever taken into account the public opinion?"...

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You'll say this is an absolute nonsense - we do not have oil. I'll say we do: our oil is imaginary, not tangible. Our "oil" is the love, the dedication to the family, the responsibility we take for our parents. Our "oil" is the compassion, the request, the plea on a state level which we express fully and get rewarded. But the inflow of "oil" dollars adequate to a small-scale economy continually intensifies (and will go on doing so) the pathologic tendencies...

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On May 3rd, 2006, the third phase of the negotiations regarding Armenia's Action Plan for the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP AP) took place in Yerevan. According to the representatives of the Armenian delegation, this phase might suffice to complete the whole process, since there are no issues left which are either impossible to pursue or solve...

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It is not a secret that the public attitude regarding media coverage of corrupt practices is equivocal. Some perceive this as a process of "standing somebody up". Others see this coverage as a political order...

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In terms of security our interests do not seem to be defined, at least these are not declared officially. Virtually, issues dealing with the security of Armenia can get a final resolution only in case a concept paper on Armenian security is legislatively secured. This means we have at least a year and half to define our interests...

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Call for Expert on Policy Communication and Instruments

This announcement is available only in Armenian. 


“Green light” for environmentally neutral business development from Lisbon to Vladivostok

On March 3, 2021, the first meeting of the GreenDeal Task Force created under the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok was held. In the videoconference format, more than twenty authoritative experts in the field of ecology and business from Austria, Armenia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, as well as the representatives of the largest business industry associations supporting the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok, discussed common approaches to harmonizing the activities implemented by the EU and the EAEU on the path to sustainable development, including a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 2050.

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Town Hall Meeting within ACE in Vayk

On January 30, 2024 ICHD organized the first Town Hall Meeting within ACE in Vayk consolidated community, comprising 17 rural and urban settlements, in close collaboration with the local government, "Solution Hub" NGO and their beneficiaries, active young people from the community. The results are summarized in the THM report available in Armenian only.