This brochure attempts to focus the attention of the Armenian society on the hazardous consequences of smoking, to make this topic a subject of discussion, pose questions rarely raised in the local press and explain why smoking is so dangerous. It is also aimed at highlighting the threat of passive smoking resulting from all kinds of cigarettes, including those wrongly perceived by the public as “light” ones.


ICHD has identified primary health care and anti-tobacco advocacy as one of the priorities in its activities. 6 antismoking leaflets with the relevant texts on harm of smoking were designed and published by ICHD with the support of American Cancer Society.


This research paper summarizes the existing trends and obstacles of current economic development in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia during the last decade. It has been developed by expert groups of the International Center for Human Development (Armenia), the "AREAT" Center (Azerbaijan) and the Strategic Research Institute (Georgia) within the framework of the relevant project under Friedrich Ebert Stiftung umbrella.


In October 2002 ICHD organized Regional Agricultural Fair in Gyumri, Armenia. A relevant catalogue had been published which included the list of companies and farmers participating in the forum. The catalogue is also a guide to the producers involved in agribusiness in Shirak and Lori regions in Armenia.


This ICHD publication unites annual reports for the years 2000 and 2001. The book represents ICHD activities during the said period, as well as gives detailed information about the Center.


The objective of the project was to allow various statistical data users to get acquainted with the methodology, usage and widespread possibilities of the national accounts´ system. The booklet was prepared by ICHD specialists as a manual for a wide range of users.


The publication aimed to streamline and clarify the procedures required in acquiring licenses. The lack of comprehensive information was a real obstacle for launching a new business activity requiring licensing. As a result of this project, potential applicants had a clear understanding of whether license(s) were required for the operation of their business, and how to acquire the necessary license(s).


In the context of the relevant project financed by the German Embassy in Armenia, ICHD published this booklet, which is based on the research carried out in Gyumri, Armenia.

The purpose of the project was to analyze women's roles and position in Gyumri, and the consequences of the earthquake on the gender issues there.



The ICHD booklet was the first publication of the International Center for Human Development. The mission of the booklet was to introduce ICHD activities and the pending projects.

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Conducting Qualitative Research on Domestic Violence in Armenia (CQRDVA)

Violence against women is one of the worst forms of violation of human rights prevalent all over the world. Women face gender-based violence (GBV) in workplaces, educational institutions, rural and urban communities. They are exposed to GBV irrespective of their ethnic or religious background, social status, economic standing, age, or other condition. The violence is particularly rampant when it occurs at home, a place where women are supposed to be provided with safe family environment.

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Monitoring of Online Print Media on Sex Selection in Armenia

The current policy brief aimed at analyzing the monitored online print media outlets in cases when they covered the topic of sex selection and articles that were broadly linked to the value of girls and women. The content of web-based media outlets have been scrutinized to identify any statements or reporting that could have had distorted, untruthful or prejudicial elements against women or men. All these aspects were separately analyzed quantified and also handpicked, allowing analyzing the level of stereotypical reporting either as a media intention or as an absence of intention, leading to unobstructed penetration of prejudicial statements widely circulated in the society and back by reinstating the current state of the affairs.

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The publication is available only in Armenian.



ICHD THM | MoD projects discussions in Yerevan and 5 provinces

News coverage by "POSTFACTUM" TV program on Town Hall Meeting discussions organised by ICHD in Yerwevan and 5 provinces of Armenia.



Analysis of Public Policy on Extending Early Childhood Care and Development Services to Prevent Gender-Biased Sex Selection

The present public policy analysis was prepared by the International Center for Human Development in close collaboration with the Working Group set up to implement the Program to Prevent Sex-Selective Abortions. In fact, the analysis ranges among the most successful efforts in recent years in collaboration among relevant specialists, NGOs, governmental agencies, international development partners and other stakeholders overcoming the most dangerous challenges facing the public at large. The analysis report and the data, information, evidence, findings and recommendations therein will lay a solid and reliable foundation for mapping out and implementing a public policy on setting up an early childhood care and development system, introducing service models and outlining further actions to achieve enhanced women’s labor force participation and work-family reconciliation, a primary objective of combating gender-biased sex-selection.