Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement: The Fourth Wave

2010 - 2012

In 2010-2012 Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), together with the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (UMBA), International Center for Human Development (ICHD), and Yerevan Press Club (YPC), known as the Fourth Wave Consortium, implemented the project “Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement: The Fourth Wave” with the support of USAID. The four partner organizations have been at the forefront of Armenia-Turkey rapprochement for many years and have played a major role in engaging civil society organisations, businesses, media, and youth in cross-border cultural dialogue, and track two and people’s diplomacy. The Fourth Wave focused on three priority areas: business partnerships, civil society engagement and inter-governmental dialogue. Throughout the whole project top-quality research has supported activities within these areas.

Through a series of joint events, including a business expo, conferences, and roundtables, the Fourth Wave Program supported establishment of new commercial links, business associations and joint ventures, specifically in sectors such as tourism, transportation, agriculture, IT, light industry, and construction materials. The resulting business partnerships have been viable and mutually beneficial regardless the status of the borders. Moreover, they have become powerful advocates of open borders.

Civil society is already a major driver in the rapprochement process. The Fourth Wave Program has linked a wide array of civil society initiatives to strengthen their impact and maintain momentum. The Program also complements on-going efforts with new initiatives, engaging media, opinion leaders, and youth on discussing issues of human rights, arts and culture. These initiatives range from a jointly-produced TV bridge to innovative mutual learning events with youth and joint arts and culture productions.

The Program goal was achieved through a series of discussion events, exchange visits and capacity building activities to build trust between state actors and demonstrate that a return to frozen relations is in the interest of neither country. . Within the Program 76 events were organized and at least 3,100 individuals from both countries participated in these joint initiatives. 180 of the beneficiaries met directly with their counterparts. Regardless of how State-to-State relations progress, the Fourth Wave Program managed in preparation of grounds for rapprochement to reach a point of no return.  The Program became a catalyst for diplomacy, creating conditions whereby both governments have a variety of options to develop relations. Upon the completion of the Fourth Wave Program state actors have become better prepared to engage with one another. This has led to an on-going cross-border dialogue, which will gravel a ground for Armenia and Turkey to establish viable relations and for these two peoples to be ready to accept such a decision.



Call for Expert on Policy Communication and Instruments

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“Green light” for environmentally neutral business development from Lisbon to Vladivostok

On March 3, 2021, the first meeting of the GreenDeal Task Force created under the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok was held. In the videoconference format, more than twenty authoritative experts in the field of ecology and business from Austria, Armenia, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, as well as the representatives of the largest business industry associations supporting the Initiative Lisbon-Vladivostok, discussed common approaches to harmonizing the activities implemented by the EU and the EAEU on the path to sustainable development, including a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 2050.

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Youth Expo Catalogue

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