“The Role of Civil Society in EU integration processes: real engagement though effective involvement” Project


The Call for Applications is part of the project “The Role of Civil Society in EU integration processes: real engagement though effective involvement” supported by International Visegrad Fund.

The project is led by the International Center for Human Development (Armenia) and is implemented together with project partners from V4 countries: Institute for Public Affairs (Slovakia), Policy Association for an Open Society (Czech Republic), European Center for Non-for-Profit Law (Hungary), Association Integration and Development (Poland) and two EaP countries: Laboratory for Legislative Initiatives (Ukraine) and Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Georgia).

The goal of the project is to facilitate European integration processes in Eastern partnership countries, through:

  • pro­viding access to the unique expe­ri­ence and know-how of the Visegrad Group coun­tries in enhancing the role of the civil society in the European integration processes, and
  • strengthening the insti­tu­tional capac­ity of the partners from Eastern Partnership coun­tries

To contribute to the above goal ICHD and partners will organize capacity building interactive trainings for CSOs in EaP countries involved in the project: Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Overall, this capacity building initiative is designed to strengthen the insti­tu­tional capac­ities of CSOs regarding communication and PR instruments to be used for more effective involvement of the society in the European integration processes.

ICHD invites expressions of interest from representatives of Armenian civil society organizations and think tanks to attend a one-day interactive training that will increase the skills of the participants in communication and PR activities. 

Please note that the working language of the training is English.

Maximum 20 people will be selected for the training.

Training date:  February 8, 2013

Venue: ICHD conference hall, Ani Plaza Hotel, 19 Sayat Nova Ave


·         Members or employees of CSOs, independent think-tanks, university students, media representatives

·         Individuals (experts, recent university graduates).

Application Requirements 

Applicants are requested to submit the following documents:

a)      Application form;

b)      CV

Application Submission 

Applications must be submitted electronically at, Cc-  

Deadline for applications:   January 28, 2013

Selection notification by:     01 February, 2013


About the trainers

Christina Sargsyan

International Center for Human Development (Armenia)

Since 2010 Christina has been actively involved in analysis of civil society issues in Armenia, conducting needs assessment of civil society organizations in the summer of 2011, organizing round tables and off-the-record meetings with the involvement of the interested stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, members of the National Assembly, leading think tanks and NGOs. Additionally, her expertise includes analysis of education policies with special interest in secondary and higher education, civics, and policy transfer. Christina also provides training on learning theories and teaching methodologies, mentoring, effective communication skills and construction of public narratives.

Grigorij Meseznikov

Institute for Public Affairs (Slovakia) 

Grigorij Mesežnikov is a founding member of the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO), which he joined full-time in June 1997. In February 1999, he became the Institute’s president. Between 1994 and 1998, he was the secretary of the Slovak Political Science Association, while from 1996 to 1997 he lectured at Trnava University’s Department of Political Science. He has published expert studies on political aspects of transformation in post-communist societies in various monographs, collections and scholarly journals in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Serbia, Taiwan, Ukraine and Belarus. He regularly contributes analyses of Slovakia’s political scene to domestic and foreign media. Since 1993, he has been an external correspondent for Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe. He has co-edited and co-authored a number of books, including the Global Reports on Slovakia (1995 – 2011), the annually published comprehensive analysis of country’s development in all relevant sectors of society (domestic politics, foreign policy, economy, social policy etc.). He is a key author of the report on Slovakia in Nations in Transit published by Freedom House (1998 – 2012). 



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